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The Wedding Present: The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions CD

CD (inc. DVD)

Includes all 3 John Peel sessions re-mastered for the first time along with 16 pg. booklet + new sleeve artwork designed by original artist Jonathan Hitchen

DVD includes a new 50 min interview with David Gedge, Peter Solowka and Len Liggins + rare BBC 2 TV performance + 2 live recordings from 1989 Leeds Polytechnic + The Ukrainians performing 'Davni Chasy' at the 'At The Edge Of The Sea' festival in 2010

All tracks re-mastered and together on vinyl for the first time - inc. Davni Chasy

1. Давні Часи Davni Chasy (2nd session recorded 15.03.88)
2. Через Річку, Через Гай Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai (3rd session recorded 02.05.89)
3. Світить Місяць Svitit Misyats (1st session recorded 06.10.87)
4. Тютюнник Tiutiunnyk (1st session recorded 06.10.87)
5. Задумав Дідочок Zadumav Didochok (2nd session recorded 15.03.88)
6. Їхав Козак За Дунай Yikhav Kozak Za Dunai (1st session recorded 06.10.87)
7. Гуде Дніпро Гуде Hude Dnipro Hude (1st session recorded 06.10.87)
8. Катруся Katrusya (1st session recorded 06.10.87)
9. Вася - Васильок Vasya Vasilyok (2nd session recorded 15.03.88)
10. Серцем i Душею Sertsem i Dusheyu (3rd session recorded 15.03.89)
11. Завтра Zavtra (3rd session recorded 15.03.89)
12. Верховино Verkhovyno (2nd session recorded 15.03.88)

Sessions 1 + 2 recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studio 4 and session 3 at Wessex Studios, London.

• Interview with David Gedge, Peter Solowka and Len Liggins by Ken Garner (author of the definitive BBC John Peel sessions book 'In Session Tonight') at the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 10.11.2018
• The Wedding Present performing 'Vasya Vasilyok' and 'Hude Dnipro Hude' at Leeds Polytechnic 28.04.1989
• The Wedding Present performing 'Verkhovyno' on BBC 2's 'On A Personal Note' 23.09.1988
• The Ukrainians performing 'Davni Chasy' at the 'At The Edge Of The Sea' festival, Brighton 28.08.2010.